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Allan Tasman Biosketch for 2018 Nordic CongressAllan Tasman

Allan Tasman, M.D., Professor and Schwab Endowed Chair in Social and Community Psychiatry at the University of Louisville, is an educator, psychoanalyst, and cognitive neuroscience researcher internationally honored for his leadership in raising the quality of psychiatric education and advocacy for an integrative multi-faceted approach to patient care. He is past president of the American Psychiatric Association and four other national or international organizations and currently chairs the WPA Section on Education. He is the senior editor of all four editions of Psychiatry, an internationally acclaimed comprehensive textbook and is a senior author of the WPA-Lancet Psychiatry Commission on the Future of Psychiatry.

Elias EricssonElias Eriksson

is Professor of pharmacology at the University of Gothenburg. His main scientific interest resides in the area of antidepressants with focus on the efficacy and mechanism of action of these drugs in different indications. He is a member of the Swedish Council for Medicine and Health and secretary of the International College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Jan Olav JohannessenJan Olav Johannessen

is MD,PhD. Director of Research, Division of Psychiatry, Stavanger University Hospital, and Professor of Psychiatry, faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway. Initiator to the TIPS-project (Early intervention in Psychosis). Leads the work with National Guidelines for the Assesment, treatment and follwow-up of Psychotic Disorders in Norway. He is president of the International society for psychosocial approaches to psychosis (ISPS).

Geddes 145John Geddes

is a leader in psychiatry research and a clinical expert in clinical psychiatry and bipolar disorder. Geddes is Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, Director of R&D at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Director of the NIHR Oxford Cognitive Health Research Facility.

Kerstin Jessica PlessenKerstin Jessica Plessen

is Professor, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre & Faculty for Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen “I consider the further investigation into self-regulation and identifying compensatory processes, in the brains of children with neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as children who are at risk of a psychiatric disorder, to be an important task for the present and future. Understanding these processes is the premise for designing therapeutic approaches that can directly promote the development of self-regulatory control in children.

Oliver HowesOliver Howes

is Professor of Molecular Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and London Institute of Medical Sciences, Imperial College, London. His clinical work is as Consultant Psychiatrist at The Maudsley Hospital where he runs a service for people with refractory psychoses. His recent work has focussed on understanding the role of dopamine and neuroinflammation in the development of psychosis, the effects of antipsychotic drugs on the nervous and endocrine systems, & the causes of cognitive impairment in schizophrenia.

Olli KampannOlli Kampman

is Professor at the University of Tampere, Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, with a clinical position in Seinäjoki Hospital District, Department of Psychiatry since 2004. MD and Specialist in Psychiatry, qualified in psychiatric administration Legalized and Qualified Psychotherapist (cognitive-behavioral therapy, The Finnish Medical Association certified.)

Unnur A. ValdimarsdóttirUnnur A Valdimarsdóttir

is Professor of epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland, and adjunct professor at the Department of Medical epidemiology Karolinska Institutet and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Unnur has made important contributions to the field on how various indices of psychological stress affect health and major disease development.

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